Thursday, February 17, 2011

1 Terrific Template

It took me a LONG time to work with a template but once I started I was hooked.  I really love taking a template and going to the extreme with the kits to see what can happen.

This week I used Messy Text Templates by Photocowgirl at Gingerscraps.  I fell in love with her templates immediately.  Seriously, I actually bought 2 (count 'em) two...sets of her templates twice.  Hmp. Don't say a word, you've probably done the same thing.

I really love these particular templates though because she scattered the text all around.  Now journaling on a page is not a problem for me.  I can tell the whole story with ease and fill an entire12X12 page in no time.  What I don't do well is "play" with text.  With these templates you simply follow her lead.  They're fab!

The last layout is the one where I threw caution to the wind and plopped words in all the right places.  See, it took me 3 pages to get the hang of it even with her help.

Made with  Craquelure by Silvia Romeo

 Diana Burton's Brand New Kit Hannah Olivia

More from Silvia Romeo

And finally....My first steampunk kit which debuts Friday 2/18/11
Stellar Steampunk (will link when it's live in the stores)

Love what you can do with these templates?
Pick them up from Photocowgirl at Gingerscraps

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