Sunday, May 22, 2011


I just completed a double page layout with a new kit by Diana Burton appropriately called Golden Moments. I knew I had to have it the minute I saw it. I didn't know what I was going to do with it at the time and even when I did decide, the tables turned on me in mid stream. It is interesting how that happens, especially in scrapbooking. My husband remembers his grandfather telling him the story of being shot by indians in the late 1800's. He somehow made it to a corn field and packed his wound with silk from the corn. Years later when he died in 1959 he still had that in his leg. The wound healed over and there was a knot there where the packing was. I'm sure it was very interesting for a young boy to hear that story and be able to see the evidence especially when my husband grew up in the years of all of cowboys and indians movies.

That isn't what happened with my page though. As I was browsing through pictures looking for one of Grandpa H. by himself I noticed that he was always standing or sitting next to his wife in all the photos we have. I also noticed that he was always standing to her right except in one photo. That is where my story turned and the idea of this page was born.

In the process of looking through the photos we found an interesting "Heritage" nugget. Both my husband's grandfather and my mother were born on July 25th. It was also interesting to realize that my husband's grandmother (who died many years after her husband) left this earth on July 25th (her husbands birthday).

So, there is my heritage nugget for today. Now that we've learned this we want to go digging for more interesting information but it will definitely be a process.

Here is a preview of Diana's kit. If you're looking to do some of your own heritage layouts you should take a closer look.

Many blessings until next time!

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