Thursday, June 2, 2011

Midsummer Night - Ooooh Aaaaah

I am always amazed at what some designers will use in their kits. I consider myself to be a fairly creative individual and I have always been "guilty" of trying to use certain things in ways they were most certainly not intended to be used so it always makes me smile when I see someone do something EXTRAORDINARY and StarSong Studios has something like that in pretty much every kit. This new kit is no exception. Just take a look.

When I saw this kit I simply could not pass it up. I love the greens and blues but the owl and the leaf were what really caught my eye. Clearly, this was a kit specially designed for my new photos of Olivia. Here are my masterpieces made with Midsummer Night

If you love the possibilities, you can grab Midsummer Night on sale right now at Digidesign Resort.

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