Saturday, August 6, 2011

Back from vacation!

I got an email from a Designer friend who said "I was looking at your blog and I see you haven't posted in a while, is everything OK?" Well, yes it is as a matter-of-fact we were simply having our annual vacation/get away to Colorado. We are literally dying for rain in Texas but it rained and/or hailed almost every day while we were up on the mountain. When it rains it means that my man can't work outside and so he paces back and forth from one end of the hut to the other....and that means that I can't work either LOL. The weather this year was unlike it's ever been and with so much so often we found that we had MANY leaks and so he decided to work inside and "field strip" our quaint little Quonset Hut for a new one next year. Woo hoo! There will be more on that later (probably more than most people even care to know) but this is after all my space and no doubt many photos will come out of this episode in our life.

For now though, we are home and trying to get back in the groove. I'm working on several deadlines so I will jump back in with bits and pieces as often as I can but today my friend Manu at Nuthouse-Scraps turned me on to a store closing sale and if you love PS Templates, Vintage Textures and gorgeous kits then you should sachet on over and take a look at Shadow Scraps.

I am so sad because I have never even seen or heard of her before and she is going out of business. Her templates are a true vintage style with an old fashioned hand water pump and a porch swing and a darling spinning wheel too so if that is your thing then help her out before she closes the doors for good.

I have some new pages coming from Diana Burton's new kit and a few new kits I'm putting the finishing touches on. It is highly unlikely that I will post every day but when the Colorado story starts it will be worth reading. I promise!

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