Sunday, September 18, 2011

Magical Moments

My friend Ann aka Star Song Studio released this very unique kit a few weeks back.  It's called Enchantment and is very versatile.  You know me, never able to take a kit and do with it what was intended and this is no exception.  Enchantment is kind of a magical, fantasy, whimsical style with beautiful blues and purples but I dug deep and found the browns. 

I got a new camera just before our trip to Colorado this year because it seems that everyone always gets better shots of the hummingbirds than I can.  Well, I have to admit I had a terrible time with the settings and wasted as many shots as I got but in the end we were very pleased.  On top of that our pet squirrel Matilda was a very accommodating subject.  There will be more photos of Matilda but here is her debut.

Don't let my earthy stretch sway you though, Enchantment is quite versatile.  Here is a preview and the photo is linked if you want to see some more of the pages.

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