Thursday, December 8, 2011

What's On YOUR Christmas list?

Until I started scrapping there was always an empty spot on my wish list.  My husband's family does thing VERY different than my family did growing up.  They make a list and distribute the list to everyone and then the buying begins.  It was always a bit uncomfortable for me to make a list of stuff I wanted.  I realized just a few days ago that I was always wanting something really "cool" but I didn't feel comfortable saying what it was.  Kind of hard to get what you want if you expect people to guess what it is but it still doesn't feel good putting that list out.  It is especially hard when you are pretty much happy with your life and don't feel like you are lacking in many areas.  I truly want World Peace, National Peace and Family Peace and would be quite happy to purchase my own gifts in return but that isn't how it works.

Since I started scrapping and took a lick at designing, my wish list has grown exponentially.  I now have a running list and when I see something I like I just pop it on there.  I also have the Amazon app that allows me to send anything from the web to my Amazon Wish List and I LOVE IT!

As I was "tweaking" my wish list this week to give to my husband so he can choose and then distribute the rest I wondered what other scrappers have on their list.  So, share you Christmas List with me and maybe it will help someone fill a gap on their list.

As for my list?

This year Eye Candy is my big ticket item

And one of my best gifts (which I grabbed last month while they were on a killer sale) is the full set of Photoshop and Illustrator classes from Andrea Gold.
I am just too excited to start these classes!  Thanks mom!

Watching for your lists.

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